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About Broomhay

Broomhay Secretarial Services, Winsford's premier supplier of quality office administration and personal assistant expertise, was founded by Pauline Hayward following a long and highly successful career as a secretary and personal assistant to senior decision-makers in major organisations here and overseas.

When she moved to Winsford, Cheshire in 2003 she quickly discovered a demand by growing businesses for the super-secretaries of years gone by who, like that legendary Miss Moneypenny of James Bond fame, seemed able to manage an office single-handedly, make clients seem like old friends and who could type, do shorthand .. and conjure up cups of tea!

So Pauline launched Broomhay, a thoroughly modern and comprehensive secretarial service based on a unique combination of those tried and tested Miss Moneypenny skills with the latest I.T. and office administration know-how.

Pauline's recipe for Office Admin success is simple: A base of expertise, a dash of eloquence and plenty of good old fashioned efficiency...

For a taste of what Broomhay can offer call 01606 598000 or click onto one of the tabs and read on...