Broomhay Secretarial Services

Digital Dictation

Bringing the power of your voice to the written word

Do you or your team have to produce reports and/or long documents? Our digital dictation service can ease the burden for you, whether you use a template or produce each one individually.

Simply record the contents of the report/document onto digital dictation equipment, transfer it to your computer, send us the file via email and we will type it for you. Within 24 hours the completed report or document will be emailed back to you, ready for distribution or reference.

Digital dictation is particularly useful for people who:

Imagine, for each site visit you do you simply record the relevant details as you see them and at the end of the day transfer them to your PC and receive the typed reports the next day. Now you don't need to spend hours doing two-fingered typing trying to get the reports and documents completed on time.

Some of the other benefits of using digital dictation are:

Time - reduce the time spent on typing up reports and documents and increase the time spent servicing or seeing clients.

Lower costs - reduce administrative overheads by contracting-out report and document production tasks.

Professionalism - ensure everything is grammatically correct with high-quality written English. Our quality control procedures ensure it on every task.

We can give you advice on the best way to take advantage of the service. For example, if you only occasionally use the service you might find the telephone more useful than portable equipment. On the other hand, if you do several reports each day and then return to an office we can advice on the most suitable equipment, so you can send us all the files simultaneously.