Broomhay Take Control

Secretarial Training

Broomhay deliver more than just training in how to use Word. We provide training in how to make the office run more smoothly. We'll review your systems to see what skills are needed to operate effectively and then develop a training programme to meet those skill requirements.

Our training is individualised, tailored to company requirements and can be delivered on-site so that it is applied and adapted to the needs of your company.

We also offer a full mentoring service to ensure that the training isn't forgotten as soon as it's delivered. Broomhay are available at the end of a telephone or by email to provide support and assistance in ensuring the training can be applied. We also provide regular follow-up sessions and meetings so that trainees can discuss how best to implement the lessons or to provide encouragement and general support.

You can rely on Broomhay to deliver a superior degree of professionalism because of its founder's (Pauline Hayward) 30 years experience providing PA and secretarial support to corporate executive directors and company decision makers.

We won't leave you on your own.